AKA Berkut-5 is a mid-range device that replaces well-known and popular AKA metal detectors: Condor3 and Condor 7252M. 
The metal detector Berkut-5 operates at several frequencies. Currently, coils with frequencies of 3, 7, 14, 20 kHz are supplied for it. 

The highlight of Berkut is that it works correctly with 3 frequency coils. That is, you can switch to a different frequency during the search, and the metal detector will pick it up. And you can work without turning off the device and new coil balancing. 
(Oddly enough, this is how the Sorex and Signum metal detectors work. With the shutdown ..., the new coil snap ... and the new ground balancing ...) 

AKA Golden Berkut has good characteristics. Depth of search for a single coin is 40cm. 
The Golden Berkut has a large display, which displays the number of VDI and a graphical display of the signal. (Everything is very similar to the Sorex, only the filling is different). 

AKA Berkut-5 - control unit 

The control unit itself is easily removed from the bar. And the whole structure in disassembled form takes up little space. Fairly compact device. 
The Golden Berkut has an ergonomic S-shaped bar. 
Powered by 4 AA batteries. 
In addition, the metal detector is lightweight. 

Characteristics of the AKA Berkut-5 metal detector by search depth 
• Coin - up to 45cm 
• Helmet - up to 1.2m 
• Maximum search depth - 2.5m 

Scope of delivery AKA Berkut-5 

• The electronic unit 
• Upper S-bar 
• Middle bar 
• Lower bar 
• Fasteners 
• Coil 10 ″ at 7kHz (typically) 
• Armrest 
• Documentation 
(Sometimes it can be equipped with a 9x12 ″ coil at 7kHz.)