AKA Signum MFD 7272M is the same Signum only with deep firmware. 
That is, the metal detector works like a regular dirt detector on all programs except the 4th one. An in-depth search is set on the 4th program. In this mode, only large targets remain visible and small targets disappear. 

AKA Signum MFD 
In essence, this mode is for finding treasures. 
Depth search in depth mode - 1.5-1.8m for a helmet. 
It is recommended to use unloading, as in the depth search, it is necessary to raise the coil to a height of 0.5 m to 1 m. 
Below there is the panel of the MFD metal detector: 

AKA Signum MFD panel 
Like its predecessor ITF, Signum MFD has an improved version - PRO. 
In contrast to the ITF version, in the deep mode, the MFD works only with radio alarm systems. (I.e. CT scan - no) 
The work is a little different than usual. The device rises 50-100cm from the ground, and the operator makes smooth wiring with a coil. 
The deep firmware has both Russian and English versions, which switch to the menu.